eBay adore


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I came upon this gorgeous thing on eBay and in real life - it is just as pretty. I would imagine the sequins will come off easily (it's unlined and you have to be super-careful stepping in and out) - but I'll totally wear this to death. Bad news - it comes in six other colours.


bill tice (earlier this month)


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Bill Tice was an American designer of lounging garments/early boho and lingerie (obit here). I was drawn by the colour. This fab garment is made of silk and has huge batwing sleeves with bright prink facings to the cuffs and centre placket.

Can you imagine the billowing? Also, the facing matches my hair.
I was the only bidder for this on eBay - it will be SO good with my blue glitter boots - oh yes.

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still out there (proper vintage)


Few folks rate this kind of thing - this beauty was scrunched up on a hanger; it had prolly done time with the dust bunnies under the rack.

I think this is cold rayon, possibly even silk. Bias cut, home-made, floating cape panel to the shoulder. Killer print. Tiny. Less than a fiver.

My problem now is what to do with it. To be honest - for now, rescuing it from the rag bag is enough.

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BB - 1

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pattern mixing


BB - 1 (2)

... is something I love to do - and these two prints make it irresistible. Shirt from eBay years ago, top was a gift, skirt via TKMaxx. I've photographed it on the hanger as a refreshing change from the usual hunched-up bodypart imagery.

A lady in TKMaxx alerted me to the imminence of their twice yearly jumble clearance sale - the last week of which sees goods reduced to 40p. I will try to stay strong.

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Meanwhile, here is a review of the AbFab film by Melanie von Harumph de Schnackenloafer del Petunia and her squad.


and sweetie ...


walk with me down memory lane


I was browsing my very dusty Flickr account and found these photies of things I still own. So stroll down Memory Lane with me ...

I bought these BLUE GLITTER LEATHER COWBOY boots from an eBay vendor (for 99p) who said "Surplus to requirement, as I no longer feel that I am young enough to wear them" Isn't that sad? I've still got them - but I had to open them down the back seam, as one of my ankles is screwed together and won't bend enough to get them on. I thought I could put eyelets in and have a back-lacing situation. Note to self: get on with it.


Here I am being fancy. I so loved this silk devore that I have this tunic plus 2 dresses in it.


I love devore and these berry colours.


Part of my enormous costume jewellery collection - all still present and correct (as is the shirt).



anachronistic legs

Had these leggings for ages. Remember the Galaxy print ones that were very en-vogue?  These are of a similar vintage and are probably also smirk-worthily unfashionable. 
Boots are charity-shopped.

BB - 1

BB - 1 (1)

Lovely block-print robe, for stately galleon type strolling purposes

BB - 1 (2)

White linen, crochet lace edged trapeze top and birdy totem for getting stuff done

BB - 1 (3)

Hairs. But nothing as good as Melanie's Schtar Hair (see below)

BB - 1 (4)



I'm probably as organised now as I've ever been, in respect to my overflowing wardrobe. I've tried various methods from spacebags to Marie Kondo - but I have so much left that 'sparks joy'. YEARS of charity shopping and eBaying have left me with a HUGE wardrobe of treasures. I'm now trying to maintain a 1 in 1 out policy.

BB - 1

I've rooted out everything that is anything other than flattering on me. I have an old trunk of sentimentals that I'll never part with and a dozen plastic storage boxes of seasonals. My love for scarves and textiles means I have a bureau and toppling screen full of them.

BB - 1 (1)

Jewellery - well sorted - but still, lots of.

Shoes - thankfully limited by having to wear styles that will accommodate an orthotic. But still, I do have 12 pairs of Doctor Marten's boots. 

BONUS: With all this refining, my charity shop karma is strong. No, wait ... that's not right is it, doh

To get us all in the mood:
Apartment Therapy's 10 step cure lol
Vix's Rules of Wardrobe Maintenance (my reader request!)
Lose yourself in Melanie's wardrobe here 



i) A Capsule Wardrobe. No. The only time I ever come near to this concept is packing for a holiday. And when I get back from a holiday, I want to burn it all - so I never have to wear that combination of clothes ever again. 

ii) Hats. Please, I must stop buying hats that never get worn. 


pale, red, hair and pattern-mixing

BB - 1

Visited our friends at Vibrant Vintage and was awarded a lucky dip in their trunk of scarves. I like to braid them into my hair like so ...

BB - 1 (2)

... oh, the pallor.

BB - 1 (3)

I mixed my prints like a good'un ... red and white print silk shirt, print tunic length top, cotton voile block print skirt.

BB - 1 (2) copy


Judgmentalism and Primark, discuss.

I didn’t post what I wore yesterday, because some of it came from Primark. This makes me uncomfortable because it often feels like a judgement call - and I find myself searching for a justification that I do not want to make.

If I’m honest, the reason I don't (often) shop the High Street is because I don’t want to be wearing something someone else will have (even if I wouldn’t wear it the same way) - other than for some high-minded resolution on grim working practices/sustainability.

But, having said that - I do click on environmental policies (or greenwash to the more cynically-minded) on a website - or go visit www.ethicalfashionforum.com/the-issues in order to keep myself informed.

Then again, reading sites like www.cleanclothes.org make you despair at ever being able to do the ‘right’ thing. And then there's the writing about it on your electronic gadget of probably equally dodgy provenance? Where does it end?

I’ve decided to post/wear/buy what I choose to, without justification to anyone other than myself. What others choose to do is none of my damn business - and that includes judgmentalism. This is not to say, I’ll be ignoring bad working practices/sustainability - just trying to navigate it and not be a hypocrite. 

a frog in my enbonpoint

BB - 1 (5)

A Liberty Tana Lawn shirt and a HUGE ditsy print frock that is literally 5 sizes too big and gapes rudely if I bend forwards. Sometimes I think I have a perma-flushed chest - but really, it is my hair colour bouncing off the marble whiteness lol.

BB - 1

The frock has a pink cotton stripe detail like so, and is a faux patchwork print (which ordinarily I'd be a bit underwhelmed by - but this is very well done).

BB - 1 (2)

The Tana Lawn is (I think) Edenham which is a 1994 reinterpretation of an older design I believe

BB - 1 (4)

Hair tide.
Frock and shirt charity-shopped aeons ago.

melamine and cloud glass

BB - 1 (5)

Beautiful little cloud glass bowl from the Sue Ryder Charity Shop...

BB - 1 (3)

... melamine picnic plates that made my heart sing (M+S)

BB - 1 (4)

Gorgeous. Nothing else to see here today as I'm off to muck out my studio - aka home to all the crap that doesn't have a place to live in this house yet. Not wearing anything of note (apart from a pair of AWESOME tartan leggings). I may need to put on a flower crown.

Laters, 'gators xx.

ironing hiatus

I hate ironing.

BB - 1 (2)

... this is all a bit fancy for the task at hand - but prior to this I was litter picking the verges - so just fancy for Monday mundane tasks in general.

BB - 1

Love these boots - so comfy (eBay) ...

BB - 1 (1)

... girl you are so pale today. Also - you look like you have a big, pink hipster-beard.

Metallic print on velvet, drapey, too-big jacket (charity-shopped); bright pink linen and silk tunic thing (retail local market); blackleggins ; gold and black swirly footwear (eBay).


gudrun sjoden frida in the rain

BB - 1 (6)

I bought this frock new, retail, as I had to have a key piece from Gudrun Sjoden's 2006 collection - which I think is one of her best. I wear it so often, it has worked out to be very cheapo in the cost-per-wear scale. Also, look - no evidence of dubious hair experimentation but plenty evidence of sleepy drug and puffy face. A bit of lippy to detract in future.

BB - 1 (11)

... beautiful braid detailing ...

BB - 1 (9)

... worn here over a hanky hem cotton voile skirt (which has been languishing in a drawer for years, waiting for the perfect partner - I sense a recurring theme) ...

BB - 1 (10)

... mmm ...

BB - 1 (12)

... those delicious colours again ...

BB - 1 (13)

... last one.

BB - 1 (7)

In other news, propping a golf umbrella over your rotary clothesline saves the faff of endless pegging and unpegging when the weather turns showery.


pink bandhani finds a match

BB - 1 (2)

I can't tell you how many times this bandhani skirt has been in and out of the donation bag in the 15+ years that I've owned it. Then last year a lovely bandhani silk shirt turned up in a charity shop ...

BB - 1 (5)

... and oh happy day - they have been worn to death with a blue cami like so ...

BB - 1

... and I have literally been chased around by shops by womenfolks wanting to know where they could get one from.

BB - 1 (1)

Mmmm colour-mixing ice cream colours mmm.

doctor my cold rayon housecoat

BB - 1

Off to see my GP on the further adventures of getting a diagnosis of my modern mystery illness. Do you like my birdy totem birdy decoration? Because it totally worked in getting a specialist clinic referral. Thank you birdy. 

BB - 1 (1)

In other less woo-woo news - I chazzed this wonderful housecoat on the first day of my recent holidays. What do you mean, you don't visit charity shops whilst on holiday?

BB - 1 (4)

I'm not that enamoured by the nylon lining - but the face is quilted rayon, and quite delicious - all piped out in pink.
Going off the label, I think its 60's - maybe 70s.

BB - 1 (2) 

BB - 1 (5)

All of the colours, all at once

BB - 1 (1)

There are some colours that I just do not like - but I'll wear them in a colour avalanche. I love this frock ...

BB - 1

... and here it is again in front of another plisse shirt. The dress is in size teeny - but because of a ruched, stretchy back panel, it fits beautifully - without the "hello, here's my bra" thing you often get with a summer frock.

THEN, can you imagine how I felt on finding this in TK Maxx ....

BB - 1 (2)

... and reduced from retail £79.00 to £14.99. I don't think it is actual bandhini - prolly a print - but it is mirrored. It is fab and the body of the skirt is grown-on to a semi-elasticated band so it doesn't look like you are wearing a duvet cover wrapped around you, on account of all the fabric.
Oh, you SO know what I mean.

I actually stood in the middle of the shop floor trying this on in front of a mirror like a heathen - quelle horror!


Non-gestational pattern mixing

BB - 1 (16)

I thought that wearing an elasticated waist, hi-low mullet skirt as a top might just make me look a bit third trimester. But thanks to a long, heavy necklace that brought the front volume under control, a bit, not.

BB - 1 (19)

BB - 1 (17)

This plissé shirt is on such high rotation and worth every penny of the charity shop spend. Nowadays they tend to come in bingo-nanna colours and horrible prints - but occasionally you see a goodie. My favourites are the now defunct East ones (now powered by the mighty Fabindia, so hurrah!). You can often iron the plissé out a little and so shop the smaller sizes.

This shirt is Phase Eight (still going! well done! they've got a Queens Award too!). The skirt is pretending to be block-printed but it isn't - which is a bit like actual patchwork v a patchwork print and a bit anti-climactical. I think the skirt is destined for the donation bag though, as I do have several of the kind of vintage skirt that this one is trying to replicate - doh. Also - the hi-low thing is a bit skirt tucked into your pants - which is a look, granted - but - oh, you know what I mean.
Not For Me. 

Hair Despair and More!

I really should know better by now not to pish about with my hair because I always end up with the HATE when I do. So sloshing on another hair colour (oh it's only a shade or two different) was always going to lead to CONSEQUENCES. And yes, I was prolly the only one to notice the purple blotchiness that sullied my lovely magenta. Also, I was prolly the only one wanting to gouge my eyes out at the vile mess I had created. The DRAMA.

Did you know that baby shampoo strips out semi-permanent hair colour? Oh yes it does. And baby wipes are great for cleaning stainless steel surfaces and old vinyl handbags. So - all mostly better now - only I know just where to look, to spot what remains. Sheesh - there is truly no fool like an old fool. Praise be for Aussie 3 Minute Hair Miracle goo and Redken Color Extend Shine Enrich Serum.


BB - 1 (8)

Today I wanted to document the wearing of a cotton robe as an outer layer, outdoors. Some folks just cannot get their heads around this and often comment on my swanning about in my 'dressing gown'. So, I think a lot of people thought I had escaped from my hospital bed/the care home in my night attire this morning. However, this fab Anokhi block print is far too good to languish on the hook on the back of the bathroom door. Look at it and sigh. If wearing this is wrong I don't want to be right etc.

Worn with a lovely, fadey, overdyed, hanky-weight linen frock, a lacy net underskirt and an assortment of neck junk. Cool on a thundery-threatening day as I swooshed my way around town like Count Swishulah. Also, wearing purple socks.

BB - 1 (9)

korii joko jacket


Korii JoKo jacket - front neckline, stiff collar on the back. Long curved front zip fastening which is complimented with the curved black panel following the line of the zip. One side is tan inset with black and tan applique, the opposite side is tan and black satin-look stripes, loosely fitted. Blouson finish to the lower front, little tucks are gathered into the one side. Matching shaping on the back panel. Fully-lined. Description + pix © the eBay seller.

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 10.15.55









new doo

 ... inspired by this from Gudrun Sjoden - two side buns and a braid

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 09.19.11

Noo doo


... two side buns, a braid with a flower clip -  and a fringe (and no hair supplementation). I got my hair doo mojo back :)